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About Sierra Riders
« on: December 15, 2020, 11:01:51 AM »
Sierra Riders is a group of motorcycle riders that prefer to take the road less traveled. Now based near Reno NV, we go out of our way to avoid primary and secondary roads when planning rides and our spirited riding style takes full advantage of the roads we choose.
This is not a beginners group. Our rides are technically challenging and may include steep mountain and canyon roads with tight switchbacks. Our speed is spirited but not knee dragging.
All riders are expected to be situationally aware. You should know where all other bikes are around you at all time. If you ride in a manner that scares anyone, you will ride home alone.
If you join this group, you will be expected to attend a ride every few months. Membership is mutually conditional as you may not ride at a level that works for us and we may not meet your expectations.


Rides will begin in NV sometime in Feb 2021